Shaylla and Arash - Germany

We would like to we showcase the fabulous wedding of Shaylla & Arash that was take by our Featured Supplier to Tamil Hindu Weddings, Soozana Pvan | Photography | Forget Me Not!

Soozana Pvan – Every moment we hold, every smile we keep, there is no other memory like having a photograph of something or someone you once cherish and still do. Soozana Pvan previously a painter, is a photographer of art and emotion. The outcome of both combined is then produced in a film form.

Soozana Pvan creates cinematic images that she likes to quote as “forget me not”. The work she creates is a combination of passion and love for making oneself hold to such memories. Soozana has worked with some of the top asian brands such as Julien Trivedi, Mani Kohli, Sheetal Agheda, Siva Karthikeyan and so on.

She has also featured her work in the Asian Bride magazine and became popular after being part of the branded team – Serpenti. Soozana has done several international shoots and is currently working on a few big projects, such included is the British Asian Fashion Week (BAFW).

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