Joe and Varthana - Borehamwood, U.K

You may remember this beautiful couple from their noir pre wedding that we showed earlier this year which was taken in London a few months back. We are very happy to show you another part to their story, their Tamil Hindu Wedding which was held at Allum Hall, Borehamwood.

The Wedding was shot by our Premium Featured Supplier,  Kabilan Raviraj-Photography

Kabilan describes the day in his own words….”It was quite sentimental seeing all of Varthana and Joe’s family friends dressed in traditional south Indian wedding attire, so much colour and vibrancy was displayed at this wedding which such a visual feast to photograph.

It was a sign of celebration and unity on such a momentous occasion. Varthana told me how she wore family heirlooms. Her mother’s peacock pendant and grandmother’s ring, showing true testament on how generations of family all participate and come together at such a beautiful occasion.

Everybody saw how much Varthana meant to Joe as she entered the aisle with her flower girls and bridesmaids. The photos alone show how much emotion and love these two have for each other, emotions such as smiles and tears from everybody were circulating across the wedding, which I absolutely love to photograph.

I truly am humbled to document such a diverse wedding. One thing that I know that was present is unity and love from both sides of the family.”

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